Izmir, TR

Passionate Node.js Developer, AWS Serverless

Software development has always been my best hobby and also my dream job since I was 14. Now, after more than 15 years as a professional, I can honestly say that dealing with a real-life problem to bring a 2-digits solution in a form of software architecture is a pure passion to me. Not just making it "work", also making it work right and stable. Because of that approach, I always design for what's coming instead of what it's at the moment.

The curiosity and the interest of problem solving which got me into "coding", are still leading my career path but above all that, there is connectivity and the data. That's why I have been choosing to be a part of data-oriented projects which require high concurrency such as online advertising, online gaming, IoT and finally cloud in my last 10 years.

I believe that being a professional requires 2 elements in the core: information and experience. Information part has to keep growing in balance. Because, the technology doesn't stop. And experience part is not about the time you spent in tech business. It's mostly what you have collected into your bag from earlier projects. It's about what you're ready for and when you have your hobby as a work title, you feel ready for almost anything.

a curious being 👨‍🚀